13 October 2013

Reiahard Lakomy

I came across a German composer and musician, Reinhard Lakomy, recently. His song, "Es wächst das Gras nicht über alles" blew my mind! Though his name and music weren't familiar to me, it seems he was famous in his home ground, East Germany.

He started his music career as a jazz musician and then pop singer, thereafter he produced an amazing electronic album called "Das Geheime Leben", in 1982.

In the mid-70's pioneers of Krautrock Tangerine Dream, from West Germany, played at the Palast der Republik in East Germany. Their new electronic sound was a revelation for the people there, as well as in the West, and changed Krautrock history overnight. Lakomy was at their concert, and was so impressed by their latest sound system that Tangerine Dream became a key to Lakomy's transformation to electronic music. Lakomy sadly died in March this year.

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