28 March 2012

Wear shirt like Audrey does

I don't know if Hubert de Givenchy advised Audrey or that was her style tendency, Audrey often wore her shirt wrapped around her tiny body like a cache-cœur and was so elegant and original nobody could imitate. Audrey was a master of classic shirt. She could turn a simple "could be boring" shirt into a stylish iconic pieces.


Sabrina 1954

Love in the Afternoon 1957

©Philippe Halsman 1955

14 March 2012

Toshiko Okanoue's Haute Couture Collages

Toshiko Okanoue was born in Kochi, Japan in 1928. She entered the Design department of Bunka Gakuin College in 1950. While she was in college, she started to produce photo collages using images from fashion magazines. After meeting the art critic Shuzo Takiguchi, in 1953, Okanoue was invited to exhibit her collages at Takemiya Gallery in Tokyo. Some of her works were also selected for an exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo.

The Night of The Dance Party 1954

Visit in Night 1951

Incubation 1955

A Trait Angel 1954

Noon Song 1954

13 March 2012

Denim laundry bags

I like simple things. I pay attention to details and never forget the importance of it. These laundry bags are a good example.

12 March 2012


Today I made pancakes, or hotcake in the japanese way. They rose more than before and has bouncy texture but still not fluffy enough! Maybe how I cooked was wrong, I don't know... My long journey for the perfect pancake continues...

4 March 2012

Françoise Hardy par Jean-Marie Périer

Jean-Marie Périer is a French photographer and the long time friend of Françoise Hardy. His book called "Françoise par Jean-Marie Périer", was published in 2011 in conjunction with his exhibition at Galerie Photo12 in Paris. The book contains numerous previously unpublished photographs of Hardy.

©Jean-Marie Périer

1 March 2012

Robert Capa : The Paris Years 1933-1954

"Robert Capa : The Paris years 1933-1954" English edition is going to be published today. Former war corespondent Bernard Lebrun, and Le Monde associate senior editor Michel Lefebvre focused on Capa's Monparnasse studio at 31 Rue Froidevaux, and created the book about Capa when he was in Paris. Lebrun and Lefebvre examined Capa's archives and journals including long lost negatives, the so-called Mexican suitcase which somehow appeared 70 years after the photographs were taken, and shed light on the untold story of Capa's artistry, friendship with fellow photographers, and relationships. 

©International Center of Photography / ©National Archive USA
Source : La Lettre de la Photographie