26 February 2012

Françoise Hardy's biker jacket

Françoise Hardy shows that there is no limit to customise a leather jacket. Sorry to my jacket for I am not so adventurous...


21 February 2012

Lauren Bacall's masculine silver jewellery

Lauren Bacall seems she shares her silver accessories with her hubby Bogie. I love her coin bracelet!

18 February 2012

Playboy matchbook 1961

Hugh Hefner published the first Playboy magazine in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover and the rest was history. After the growth of magazine's popularity, Hefner opened a casino bar, The Playboy Club, the first in Chicago in 1960 and then subsequently New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and many more. The Playboy bunny logo with bow-tie became an instantly recognisable symbol of the 1960s, and people now collect all the merchandise. Here is my Playboy matchbook, dated 1961. On the side it reads "Diamond Match DIV. Chicago, Illinois." so I presume this matchbook could be one from the first Playboy Club?

Here are some pics of Playboy in it's prime

From Life magazine 1969

The chicago Playboy Club in 1966

Cheryl from The Chicago Playboy Club 1964

Two Bunny Girls take part in the Good Friday waiters and waitresses race
 in Battersea Festival Garden, London 1972

Bunny Girls on the roof of the Playboy Club, London 1976

13 February 2012

Dirk Bogarde hidden classic "Our Mother's House" 1967

Weird.. This film is so dark and weird all the way through to the depressing end. I have been watching Dirk Bogarde films at the moment, and I bumped into his 1967 film, "Our Mother's House". 

The story is after the religious mother of 7 kids died, the kids bury her body in the garden and feigned to their neighbours that their mother is still alive. They start to live by themselves until their estranged father comes back. The kids slowly open up to their father but when their trust was betrayed, the uninviting truth is exposed.

The film was directed by Jack Clayton of "Great Gatsby" fame, with music by Georges Delerue who famously provided music for Nouvelle Vague geniuses. The legendary Dirk Bogarde starred in the film, and I also spotted Mark Lester playing the one of 7 kids. Mark Lester famously played "Oliver Twist". It's not the oddest of Bogarde's films who made some pretty underground films such as "Modesty Blaise" and "Despair", but I was certainly not ready to see him as Charlie, a bald headed shabby man!, though I must say he played him brilliantly.

I recommend you to watch "Our Mother's House" if you have a chance, though it has been discontinued unfortunately. I hope it will be reissued one day.

2 February 2012

WWⅡ Aviator Pilot Bracelet

I just received it today. It's very small more than I thought! I will wear it layering with some other bracelets or something.