21 January 2012

Chloé chelsea boots

I can't wear my Isabel Marant boots in the raining day because they are suede. I was on the horns of a dilemma... and then Chloé boots came along!

20 January 2012

Almond Financiers

The person who invented almond financiers is genius.

Recipe is here

15 January 2012

Harvey A Miller's wartime gear

This is my recent purchase, ID bracelet. It says Harvey A Miller with his army number, and possibly the silver manufacture company, DUO on the back. I like the Air Corps engraving.

13 January 2012

Charles Brittin "West and South"

A day after I posted Charles Brittin pics here, I received Brittin's book "West and South"! The book was published in conjunction with his exhibition at the Michael Kohn Gallery in LA. Brittin captured the beatnik scene of the late 1950's in southern California. 

8 January 2012

Brittin's girls : Shirley, Suzi and Beverly

Charles Brittin took photographs of his friends, artists, actors and poets during the 1950's. Here are some photographs of his girl friends, includes Brittin's artist friend, Wallace Berman's wife, Shirley. All from the book "West and South".