19 September 2011

R.I.P Richard Hamilton (1922 - 2011)

This is the catalogue for the Tate Gallery Richard Hamilton exhibition in 1970. The British Pop Art pioneer passed away on 13th of September this year at the age of 89.

13 September 2011

Autumn is coming!

It has been typical London weather the last few weeks. Rainy, chilly and humid...  It seems that the season is turning into Autumn already.  We are now in mid September, but have we had Summer this year?

1 September 2011

Singing Actress

Lauren Bacall was only 19 years old when she sang 'How Little We Know' in her debut film with Humphrey Bogart, 'To Have And Have Not'. When she stood by the piano and started to sing, her husky voice became a lot deeper and her imposing elegant looks with famous sultry eyes lured audiences. Bacall undeniably carried off the scene. 
I also love Jeanne Moreau's 'Le Tourbillon'  from François Truffaut's Jules et Jim which made Moreau an International star. Here are some of my favourite singing actresses...

To Have And Have Not (1944) : Lauren Bacall 'How Little We Know'

Made In U.S.A. (1966) : Marianne Faithfull 'As Tears Go By'

Jules et Jim (1962) : Jeanne Moreau 'Le Tourbillon'

Sabrina (1954) : Audrey Hepburn 'La vie en rose'

The Big Sleep (1946) : Lauren Bacall 'And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine'

Une Femme Est Une Femme (1961) : Anna Karina 'Je suis très belle'