30 June 2011

Vintage Levi's

I bought my first pair of vintage Big E Levi's jeans about 12 years ago in Camden market. Since then my body shape has changed a bit and they don't fit me like they used to. They were kept in my wardrobe for a long time until I thought of wearing them again. It seems my Big E's fit me more loosely, but in a nice way. I like to wear them rolled up with a French breton or simple white shirt, because great vintage jeans don't need any gimmicks. So, best to keep it simple.

24 June 2011

Roland Penrose: The Postcard Collage

The postcard collage is one of the Roland Penrose's signature work. His sensible painting combined with the postcards and creates a vivid and vibrant contrasting palette. When he chose postcards for his work, he was concerned more with colour than subject, but I like to think that Penrose used specific cards purposely, and revealed more stories in each work.

La Méditerranée, Etude Artistique, 1937

Magnetic Moths, 1938

La Fornarina Visits London, 1982

20 June 2011

'Belle du Jour' Catherine Deneuve in St. Tropez 1965

It has been unpredictable weather in London.... as usual. Anyway lets hope a beautiful hot summer is waiting for us.

18 June 2011

Moleskine Notebook

I use a Moleskine notebook to manage my schedule and write down ideas for my blog. A rectangular shape with rounded corners, this simple form notebook has been loved by artistic people for decades. 

This anonymous ordinary notebook was produced by a small French bookbinder, in Tours, and was bought and used by artists and writers, such as Hemingway, Bruce Chatwin, Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso, also Napoleon too! 
In the mid 1980's Moleskine disappeared from stationary stores. The novelist Bruce Chatwin wrote in his book 'The Songlines', about the despair of this discontinued notebook. He referred to the black notebooks as 'Moleskine', and later the Milanese publisher who brought the legendary notebook back to life in 1997, adopted this title.

13 June 2011

Rebel Youth by Karlheinz Weinberger

'Rebel Youth' documents the work of Karlheinz Weinberger, who photographed young people in his home country, Switzerland, in the 1960's. The Swiss kids in his pictures were influenced by American biker culture and films, often styled like Marlon Brando in 'The Wild One' or California motorcycle gangs, such as the Hell's Angels. Some of the photos remind me of the Andy Warhol designed cover of the 1971 Rolling Stone's Album 'Sticky Fingers', or the 1964 Kenneth Anger biker film 'Scorpio Rising'. These Swiss 'Halbstarke' juveniles 
fanatical customized jeans are just insane! The forward is by the film director John Waters, whose film 'Cry-Baby' features young biker gangs like the juvenile delinquents in the Karlheinz pictures. 

9 June 2011

Beauty Knows No Pain by Elliott Erwitt 1972

It is impossible to track down the documentary 'Beauty Knows No Pain' by Magnum photographer, Elliott Erwitt, in the UK. So instead this documentary made in 1972 'The Kilgore Rangerettes' about Texas cheerleaders, is the next best thing

This is showing at 'Elliott Erwitt:Personal Best' exhibition at ICP until August 20, 2011. If you happen to be in NY, I recommend you to go to see it.

Clip courtesy of Fans in a Flashbulb

8 June 2011

The Nakedness of Truth (I know it well) by Paul Éluard

Portrait of Paul Éluard by Picasso

Despair has no wings,
Nor has love,
No countenance,
They do not speak.
I do not behold them,
I do not speak to them,
But I am as real as my love and my despair.

From Mourir de ne pas mourir 1924

5 June 2011

A Deep Shade of Blue

I am reading 'A Deep Shade of Blue', a biography of the 60's icon, and ex-member of the Walker Brothers, Scott Walker. I knew nothing about him before, only a couple of his songs like 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore', the Walker Brothers world famous hit, and 'When Joanna Loved Me', one of the songs for Michael Sarne's film 'Joanna'. One reason for this is that there are not many Scott Walker TV archives available, considering he was one of the biggest artists in the 60's. Especially annoying is that the BBC TV series 'Scott' is almost impossible to track down. He was an exceptional musical talent from the golden age of swinging 60's.