17 May 2011

Capa in Color 2005

At the Hemingway exhibition, I bought a book called 'Capa in Color'. The book is made for an exhibition from 2005, of the same name. Capa's color negatives were found at Magnum office more than 60 years after the photos were taken. Most of Capa's best photographs are black and white, however color photography gives his work a new dimension, and is also a historically important document of the war. 


  1. The gentleman on the front cover of the book using the Aldis lamp was my father Convoy Leading Signalman (later Yeoman of Signals) Bruce Marsh B.E.M. (1918-1998). Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.
    I still have several copies of 'Illustrated' magazine dated 13th June 1942, again with my father on the cover, that contains Frank Capa's black and white photos.
    Imagine my surprise when I saw Dad on the cover of 'Capa in Color'
    email address: sirandrewmarsh@yahoo.co.uk

  2. In October 1942 Robert Capa visited Chelveston, England, home of the 301st Bomb Group and their B-17 Flying Fortresses. The photo above shows Captain John Bruce's crew and their plane, the "Bad Penny". The 301st moved to North Africa on November 24, 1942 and “Bad Penny” was lost with the Bruce crew on a mission to Bizerte on November 28. There were no survivors.

    - Steve Birdsall

  3. Thanks for your comment. That's fascinating history and also quite sad. It's amazing the two comments I have had for this post, have brought history to life and Capa's photograph preserves it.
    Thank you.