14 April 2011

Julius Shulman (1910-2009)

Julius Shulman was one of the most important architectural photographers, best known for his iconic photographs of the Case Study Houses. Notably his CSH #22, The Stahl House designed by Pierre Koenig, was published many times as one of Shulman's best works. He was a pioneer of modern architecture photography, and helped mid century modern architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, and Pierre Koenig to get to wider audience.

Julius Shulman at his house/studio in Hollywood Hills 2007

In 1947, Shulman built his house and studio called The Shulman House in the Hollywood Hills, designed by Raphael Soriano who had started his career from an internship for Shulman's close friend, architect Richard Neutra. Neutra's most famous work, The Kaufmann House in 1946, was made famous by Shulman's photographs.

Shulman died at his home in Los Angeles on July 15, 2009, when he was 98.

Albert Frey residence 1965

Booth House designed by Smith and Williams 1956

Case Study House #20, The Bass House (Artist, Saul Bass residence) 
designed by C.Buff, C. Straub and D. Hensman 1958 

Mobil Gas Station 1956

Bay Bridge under construction 1930

Boulder Dam 1936

Shulman photographing The Stahl House

Case Study House #22, The Stahl House 
designed by Pierre Koenig 1960

The Stahl House

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  1. Thanks a lot, Shulman is a great photographer of a wonderful architectural era.