26 March 2011

Bonjour Tristesse Opening Sequence by Saul Bass 1958

I watched 'Bonjour Tristesse' again the other day and remembered that how beautiful opening sequence this film has.

All photos from Not coming to a theater near you

22 March 2011

The affair of Robert Capa and Ingrid Bergman

When I was looking for some material on Robert Capa, I stumbled across an interesting story about Capa and Hollywood actress, Ingrid Bergman.

In 1945 after the fall of Nazi Germany, Capa was staying at the Hotel Ritz on Place Vendôme where he met Hollywood actress, Ingrid Bergman. Bergman was travelling around Europe to see the devastation caused by the war, and entertaining the troops.
When they met, Bergman was still married to Petter Lindström who she had a baby with. Capa asked Bergman for dinner, and soon after they started to have an affair.

Bergman is having Christmas dinner with servicemen, Alaska 1942-44

Robert Capa 1949

In 1946, Bergman asked Capa to come to Hollywood with her, and he did. While Capa was in Hollywood, he visited her at a studio where she was filming, Alfred Hitchcock's 'Notorious'. Capa had shot some still photos for the film which he was given no credit for when they were published.

Hitchcock later made a film with James Stewart and Grace Kelly in 1954, called 'Rear Window', loosely based on Capa and Bergman.

Bergman wanted to marry Capa and also tried to convince him to quit his job to work in Hollywood. Capa knew that he wouldn't fit in, and told Bergman that he can't have a wife and kids because of his duties of work. Their affair ended when Capa left Hollywood for an assignment in Turkey.

'Arch of Triumph' 1946 photographed by Capa

'Notorious' 1946 photographed by Capa

Robert Capa 1945

Robert Capa is on the back of a jeep with a camera in front of his face, 
during Paris liberation 1945 

The liberation of Paris 1944

All photos by Capa

Ingrid Bergman & Robert Capa

20 March 2011

Buddy Lee

There are many Buddy Lee dolls in different outfits. Here Buddy Lee is in engineer style coverall with matching hat. Red scarf is a good contrast on this style! 

17 March 2011

The Kaufmann House by Richard Neutra in 1946

The Kaufmann House was designed by Austria-born architect, Richard Neutra in 1946, and is located in Palm Springs, California. 

The house was built as a winter desert retreat, and commissioned by a German-American department tycoon, Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. who already owned one of architectures masterpieces, 'Fallingwater', also known as the Kaufmann residence, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934.

All photos by Julius Shulman

15 March 2011

Colour is back in Fashion : Mens shirts

Summer is round the corner. Fashion changes from cold-winter-monotone to spring-bright-colour.  Vitamin colours are everywhere in this season. I would keep it simple, play with colour sensibly.

Bob Dylan by Jerry Schatzberg 1965

John F. Kennedy on the U.S. coast guard yacht, 'Manitou' 1962

Jean-Paul Belmondo from 'Pierrot le fou' 1965

12 March 2011

Hemingway hunting memoirs by Robert Capa 1940-41

Ernest Hemingway spent most summers in Idaho, hunting and fishing, until he bought a house and moved to Ketchum in 1958. These photos are taken in Sun Valley adjacent to Ketchum, by one of Hemingway's famous friends, war photographer Robert Capa.

Hemingway and his third wife and writer, Martha Gellhorn

Hemingway, Gary and Veronica Cooper

Hemingway and Cooper

Hemingway and his son Gregory

Gregory Hemingway

All photos from Robert Capa the definitive collection