24 January 2011

Paris Blues 1961

Paris Blues is made in 1961 by Martin Ritt, starring Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Joanne Woodward and Diahann Carroll.

The story is about two American jazzmen in Paris. Ram played by Paul Newman, is a jazz musician who wants to be a composer, and his fellow musician Eddie, played by Sidney Poitier, has escaped from America's racism to a more liberal Paris. One day they meet and fall in love with  Lillian and Connie, two American girls who come to Paris on vacation. Ram and Eddie face the dilemma of whether to stay in Paris or go back to America.

This film has everything, beautiful Paris, cool jazz music, twisting romances, stylish costumes etc. Paul Newman being a jazzman is as cool as ever, the way he dresses is a good reference of Ivy style. And so does Sidney Poitier. He pulls off black shirt with white tie combo well. I know Joanne Woodward's classic trench was Burberry, and love Diahann Carroll's collarless tweed coat, so chic! This melodrama has plenty of things to check. Highly recommended.

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