16 January 2011

A pair of Jil Sander Navy capri pants

I bought a pair of Jil Sander Navy cotton pants the other day.Very simple cropped trousers that remind me of Audrey Hepburn or Jean seberg in 'À Bout de Souffle'. They would look great with my pair of repetto ballet shoes. I wear a plain white T-shirt most of the time in summer and will wear it again, this time with my new JS Navy capri pants, à la Parisienne! I am also thinking these would be a great with a nice polo top. There is a lot more I need for this summer...

Jil Sander Navy starts from this Spring and Summer collection. They are younger, casual, and fun pieces. You will be surprised that the price range is much cheaper than you expect, using more cotton rather than silk and cashmere in the main collections. It's a good opportunity for young people to have the style of the brand.

People who look great in capri pants.....

Jean Seberg

Joanne Woodward

Audrey Hepburn


  1. checked the new collection for 2011SS and they all looked pretty cool.
    and look forward to seeing you wearing it in summer!

  2. Yes, very pretty collection. I love to wear colours in this summer! Since I posted that, I've shopped more at JS...