13 January 2011

'Joanna' by Michael Sarne 1968

Michael Sarne is a British actor, pop singer, and film director. I've watched his first film, 'Joanna' starring Geneviève Waïte, a long time ago and loved it! The story is about a girl who comes to London to study art. She meets a black girl who lives off rich boyfriends and introduces the naive Joanna to a completely different world. Donald Sutherland is in the film as a flamboyant rich guy. I vaguely remember one scene where Joanna and friends walk down the King's Road passing by the shop Granny Takes a Trip. This was an iconic shop, and now there is a compilation CD called 'Granny Takes a Trip: Conversation's Dead, Man'.
'Joanna' represents 60's swinging London when British youth culture flourished. It's a crime that 'Joanna' seems to not be available on DVD yet, I would like to watch it again! ...At least I own an original poster. 

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