21 January 2011

Jacobsen cutlery goes to Space Odyssey

Arne Jacobsen cutlery for Georg Jensen is the best designed cutlery I have ever seen. This Danish designer's tableware has been contemporary modern design since they were created in 1957. They were used in the Stanley Kubrick sci-fi film '2001 Space Odyssey'. When I use this cutlery, ordinary food tastes much better some reason.

The still from '2001 Space Odyssey'

Arne Jacobsen


  1. i just bought 10 settings of this flatware at the Georg Jensen store on Madison. Its amazing. Got 20% off ;) And, if you ever loose a piece, its really easy to just pick up a replacement... unlike the Tiffany crap I had.

  2. For my birthday I received from my Danish wife a left-handed Arne Jacobsen soup
    spoon. Truly a wonderful utensil. If you are left-handed, I highly recommend you try it. This unique spoon is something very special for us lefties!

    1. Sweet present! I am not left-handed but would like to add soup spoon to my set.

  3. I just found this old blog post when I was searching for a still of the cutlery in the Space Odyssey scene and figured you'd like to know that the cutlery is also in Star Wars 'Attack of the Clones', in a scene on Naboo when Anakin shows off his Jedi skills to Padmé and makes a pear fly across the table.

    Btw, not sure if food tastes better when you use it, but dinner sure takes longer :)