30 January 2011

Eames Leg Splint 1942

During WW2, the Eames created a light-weight and low-cost leg splint for the US Navy using plywood. After the introduction of the new material they have found the merits of plywood were suitable for mass production. This strong, low-cost plywood has a beautiful smooth surface and became an indispensable material for Eames creations.

Eames Leg Splint 1942
Molded Plywood
Manufactured by Evans Products, Molded Plywood Division.

24 January 2011

Paris Blues 1961

Paris Blues is made in 1961 by Martin Ritt, starring Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Joanne Woodward and Diahann Carroll.

The story is about two American jazzmen in Paris. Ram played by Paul Newman, is a jazz musician who wants to be a composer, and his fellow musician Eddie, played by Sidney Poitier, has escaped from America's racism to a more liberal Paris. One day they meet and fall in love with  Lillian and Connie, two American girls who come to Paris on vacation. Ram and Eddie face the dilemma of whether to stay in Paris or go back to America.

This film has everything, beautiful Paris, cool jazz music, twisting romances, stylish costumes etc. Paul Newman being a jazzman is as cool as ever, the way he dresses is a good reference of Ivy style. And so does Sidney Poitier. He pulls off black shirt with white tie combo well. I know Joanne Woodward's classic trench was Burberry, and love Diahann Carroll's collarless tweed coat, so chic! This melodrama has plenty of things to check. Highly recommended.

21 January 2011

Jacobsen cutlery goes to Space Odyssey

Arne Jacobsen cutlery for Georg Jensen is the best designed cutlery I have ever seen. This Danish designer's tableware has been contemporary modern design since they were created in 1957. They were used in the Stanley Kubrick sci-fi film '2001 Space Odyssey'. When I use this cutlery, ordinary food tastes much better some reason.

The still from '2001 Space Odyssey'

Arne Jacobsen

19 January 2011

Monsieur Dior's 'New Look'

Via Life magazine

Josephine Baker in Dior dress 1951

Designed by Roger Vivier for Dior

Monsieur Dior at his studio 1947

16 January 2011

A pair of Jil Sander Navy capri pants

I bought a pair of Jil Sander Navy cotton pants the other day.Very simple cropped trousers that remind me of Audrey Hepburn or Jean seberg in 'À Bout de Souffle'. They would look great with my pair of repetto ballet shoes. I wear a plain white T-shirt most of the time in summer and will wear it again, this time with my new JS Navy capri pants, à la Parisienne! I am also thinking these would be a great with a nice polo top. There is a lot more I need for this summer...

Jil Sander Navy starts from this Spring and Summer collection. They are younger, casual, and fun pieces. You will be surprised that the price range is much cheaper than you expect, using more cotton rather than silk and cashmere in the main collections. It's a good opportunity for young people to have the style of the brand.

People who look great in capri pants.....

Jean Seberg

Joanne Woodward

Audrey Hepburn

14 January 2011

Alexander Calder's print 1970

This is Alexander Calder's print of a man and a gun, it also could be something else...

13 January 2011

'Joanna' by Michael Sarne 1968

Michael Sarne is a British actor, pop singer, and film director. I've watched his first film, 'Joanna' starring Geneviève Waïte, a long time ago and loved it! The story is about a girl who comes to London to study art. She meets a black girl who lives off rich boyfriends and introduces the naive Joanna to a completely different world. Donald Sutherland is in the film as a flamboyant rich guy. I vaguely remember one scene where Joanna and friends walk down the King's Road passing by the shop Granny Takes a Trip. This was an iconic shop, and now there is a compilation CD called 'Granny Takes a Trip: Conversation's Dead, Man'.
'Joanna' represents 60's swinging London when British youth culture flourished. It's a crime that 'Joanna' seems to not be available on DVD yet, I would like to watch it again! ...At least I own an original poster. 

7 January 2011

Serge Thoraval meets Paul Éluard

I've been a fan of Serge Thoraval jewelry for a long time. This French designer's signature style is very simple and hand-craft look often with a poem written on the jewelry. To build up my collection, I am quite attracted by a bracelet and ring embossed with a poem by Paul Éluard. I discovered this respectable French poet recently from the story about Roland Penrose and Lee Miller's Farley Farmhouse. He was also one of the members of the Surrealist movement. The one I like has embossed a line from his late period of work, Dominique aujourd'hui présente, "C'est à partir de toi que j'ai dit oui au monde" ( It was beginning with you that I said yes to the world ). Makes my heart pound!

A set of 7 rings embossed with
Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand

Serge Thoraval Website (Japanese) - www.hpfrance.com/serge_catalog/index.html