29 November 2010

Vintage Lanvin silk scarf

I've completely missed the opportunity to see Lanvin for H&M. By the time I arrived, there were only a couple of dresses left in the shop. It was still the first day that Lanvin for H&M went on sale, but 6 o'clock in the evening was too late. To be honest, I even didn't have it in mind till the day came... no wonder I missed it. I love Lanvin so instead here is my vintage Lanvin silk scarf with beautiful illustrations. Scandal by Lanvin was a perfume launched in 1933 and discontinued in 1971. 


  1. same here in Tokyo, a bunch of ppl queued up for LANVIN+H&M in the very early (and rainy) morning or even over a night. i saw in magazines they have also some fancy accessories, though i just couldn't be bothered.. love the scarf, beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yep, I have no patience for that too. Also original is better!