24 November 2010

Punk 1977

1977 was the year that the Punk movement was at a peak in Britain. It was the exploitation of new style, and I'm fascinated with all those individual people.

Debbie Harry, taken by Bob Gruen

Richard Hell & the Voidoids

The Clash, taken by Kate Simon

God Save The Queen sticker, designed by Jamie Reid

Sex Pistols

John Lydon

Holiday In The Sun promotion poster,
designed by Jamie Reid

Pretty vacant press ad, designed by Jamie Reid


  1. who is your punk queen( female icon)?

  2. I like Debbie Harry. She was so powerful and sexy when she was on stage. She was a first female pinup singer!

  3. watched her stage on youtube, she was way cool back in time! let me know if you know more interesting punk ppl, i need some references for our next shooting x

  4. She wasn't the first female pinup singer.

  5. Hi, Do you have "God Save The Queen sticker and mugcup?