14 November 2010

Mobi Boom, l'explosion du design en France 1945-1975

I went to Les Art Décoratifs in Paris to see the exhibition Mobi Boom, l'explosion du design en France 1945-1975. This exhibition is about French furniture design. They have exhibited the furniture as well as old vintage catalogues, books, and video installation. I love Jean Prouvé without any doubt, the compass table is my favourite for a long time. And I fell in love with the Charlotte Perriand work. I've posted some of her works in my blog before. I especially love her coffee table and cabinet. Some parts of the exhibition were divided by each furniture company and created their small showroom-like spaces, which makes the furniture comes alive in your imagination. I think the exhibition was a reasonable size and a great selection. The exhibition runs until 2 Jan 2011.
After all, I can't help myself dreaming if I own some of these furniture and put them into Jacobsen flat I saw in Berlin. That would be my ideal home in the future.... 

Mobi Boom, l'explosion du design en France 1945-1975
Les Art Décoratifs - 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Knoll International advert from L'OEil

Pierre Paulin 1954

Jean Prouvé, Compass desk 1953

Roche-Bobois Catalogue 1973

Antoine Philipon&Jaqueline Lecoq 1958-1959

Jean-Louis Avril 1968

Charlotte Perriand 1952

Steph Simon Gallery 
from Art et Architecture 1965

Reconstructed by Marcel Gascoin 
for the exhibition of urbanism, Sotteville 1947

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