29 November 2010

Vintage Lanvin silk scarf

I've completely missed the opportunity to see Lanvin for H&M. By the time I arrived, there were only a couple of dresses left in the shop. It was still the first day that Lanvin for H&M went on sale, but 6 o'clock in the evening was too late. To be honest, I even didn't have it in mind till the day came... no wonder I missed it. I love Lanvin so instead here is my vintage Lanvin silk scarf with beautiful illustrations. Scandal by Lanvin was a perfume launched in 1933 and discontinued in 1971. 

24 November 2010

Punk 1977

1977 was the year that the Punk movement was at a peak in Britain. It was the exploitation of new style, and I'm fascinated with all those individual people.

Debbie Harry, taken by Bob Gruen

Richard Hell & the Voidoids

The Clash, taken by Kate Simon

God Save The Queen sticker, designed by Jamie Reid

Sex Pistols

John Lydon

Holiday In The Sun promotion poster,
designed by Jamie Reid

Pretty vacant press ad, designed by Jamie Reid

21 November 2010

Home-made orange cake

I baked an orange cake today. I have a sweet tooth so baking a sweet is relaxing as well as satisfying. The cake came out very moist and with a good orangey flavour. Delicious! 

20 November 2010

Japanese children by Robert Capa 1954

These are taken by legendary war photographer, Robert Capa in 1954. Locations are in Japan, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Osaka and Nara. Capa was in Japan for an exhibition before he went to Vietnam to photograph the first Indochina war, where he died when he stepped on a landmine.

14 November 2010

Mirror of Venus by Wingate Paine 1967

Wingate Paine was born in 1915, Massachusetts, Boston. He had an unusual career path before he became a photographer. He started as a Marine captain, and then wine connoisseur, a yoga devotee and sometimes Buddhist teacher. After all this, In 1967, he published a book called Mirror of Venus. He used his friends and girlfriends for models, and they are so beautiful, fresh and lively. Text is by Françoise Sagan and Federico Fellini, and translated into several different languages and published all over the world. After Paine published the book, he threw away and burnt all the negatives and became a sculptor.

Mobi Boom, l'explosion du design en France 1945-1975

I went to Les Art Décoratifs in Paris to see the exhibition Mobi Boom, l'explosion du design en France 1945-1975. This exhibition is about French furniture design. They have exhibited the furniture as well as old vintage catalogues, books, and video installation. I love Jean Prouvé without any doubt, the compass table is my favourite for a long time. And I fell in love with the Charlotte Perriand work. I've posted some of her works in my blog before. I especially love her coffee table and cabinet. Some parts of the exhibition were divided by each furniture company and created their small showroom-like spaces, which makes the furniture comes alive in your imagination. I think the exhibition was a reasonable size and a great selection. The exhibition runs until 2 Jan 2011.
After all, I can't help myself dreaming if I own some of these furniture and put them into Jacobsen flat I saw in Berlin. That would be my ideal home in the future.... 

Mobi Boom, l'explosion du design en France 1945-1975
Les Art Décoratifs - 107 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Knoll International advert from L'OEil

Pierre Paulin 1954

Jean Prouvé, Compass desk 1953

Roche-Bobois Catalogue 1973

Antoine Philipon&Jaqueline Lecoq 1958-1959

Jean-Louis Avril 1968

Charlotte Perriand 1952

Steph Simon Gallery 
from Art et Architecture 1965

Reconstructed by Marcel Gascoin 
for the exhibition of urbanism, Sotteville 1947

11 November 2010

Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999)

Charlotte Perriand was a French designer and architect who worked with many respectable designers like Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Jean Prouvé.

 Bench Bookshelf 1952

Student Room, Cité University in Paris 1952

Cabinet 1958

Table 1953

Cabinet 1939

Collaborated with an Architect, Guy Rey-Millet, Arcs 1600 

Charlotte Perriand at an apartment in Rio De Janeiro  

10 November 2010

A pair of boots by Jil Sander

This is my recent purchase, a pair of boots by Jil Sander. Kind of riding boots but with a lot of consideration to fit on the calfs and the shape of the toes. They are good quality black leather and a very minimal design, which is what Jil Sander is famous for. I've already worn them a couple of times and it surprised me how warm they are. I like to wear them with my old Burberry trench coat, or my Vanessa Bruno over-sized heavy wool coat which would be a good match, as well as protect myself from a cold wind.

Valentina by Guido Crepax

Valentina was created by Italian comic-strip artist, Guido Crepax in 1965. She is a sexy photographer with a black short bob haircut inspired by Louise Brooks. The series of Valentina has been translated in several different languages and reprinted all over the world. This girl from the 60's erotic comic, whose world is psychedelic and dreamy, is sexually liberated, and of course her clothes are striped off at any minute!