18 October 2010

The trace of Nazi Germany

Berlin has a history. One of the most notorious dictator, Hitler had tried to create his own utopia there. Fortunately he had failed but there are still the traces of Nazism in the city of Berlin.
When I was walking around Berlin city, I bumped into an old building which used to be the Reich Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Hitler's right hand man, Joseph Goebbels. The building is huge and has square windows in a line on the front which emphasis it's absolute symmetrical architecture. It's very Nazi German in style and I was overwhelmed by the aesthetic of it. I also love the beautiful pale grey concrete colour.

I was glad to find also this Air-Raid Bunker. The bunker was built in 1942, and designed by Karl Bonatz. It's again a huge concrete building with small windows. It looks ugly but at the same time beautiful. Now there is a personal penthouse on top of the roof, owned by Art collector, Christian Boros. I tried to peep through one of the small windows but it was blocked from inside......

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