25 October 2010


When I passed Didier Ludot at Palais Royal in Paris recently, I saw CARVEN was displayed in the window. I didn't know anything about CARVEN at the time but I liked the styling of mixing old couture archive dresses with the revamped new collection. It was beautifully displayed in an unusual way. Since then this original 50's haute couture house was stuck in my head.
A couple of months later, I was in a department store. A beautiful jacket caught my eyes. A cocoon shaped short jacket with a big pleat at the back. I love the heavy tweed material and it's elegant design. I bought it because I should, and now this CARVEN jacket is in my winter wardrobe......Yeah!


  1. beautiful clothes. love their website, too. you must look cool with the jacket. x

  2. Thank you! I love the esthetics of it. Can't wait to have a cold winter day so I can wear it! x

  3. Wonderful ! Guess you love Happycoat , too !
    ( www.happycoat.com )

  4. I know about Happycoat, just around the corner in Notting Hill !!!