18 August 2010

Standing Cat from the series of Lilla Zoo by Lisa Larson 1956

A Swedish Gustavsberg designer Lisa Larson created a series of animals which is called Lilla Zoo from 1956 to 1978. This is a cat from Lilla Zoo which has a small face and an elegant posture I adore the most.

15 August 2010

12 August 2010

Portraits of Lee Miller by Picasso 1937

Roland Penrose visited Picasso's studio in Paris and bought one of the best portrait of Lee Miller for £50. Roland shipped it to Lee in Cairo where she was at the time. The colorful painting stunned her friends who could not understand Picasso's modern sense but when Roland's and Lee's son Antony saw the portrait, he instantly shouted with joy. ' Mummy! Mummy!'

There are several portraits of Lee by Picasso.

11 August 2010

The Home Of The Surrealists by Antony Penrose

I bought this book at Farley Farm. It contains amazing photos and beautiful memories.

Farley Farm House

I went to see Farley Farm House the other day. This is the house where British artist Roland Penrose and American photographer Lee Miller used to live with their son Antony. Once I stepped inside the house, I was surrounded by the art of Penrose, Miller and their friends, such as Man Ray, Picasso, Paul Éluard etc. who often visited the house.
Antony and his daughter Ami guided us around the house and shared their memories with us. It was an amazing experience, and a great opportunity to see this collection in a such beautiful location!

3 August 2010

Henry Moore's lithographs

Three reclining figures 1971

Thirteen standing figures 1958

Seated Figures 1957

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

When The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus came out I thought I have got to watch it even though I wasn't a big fan of The Stones (still not). Maybe I like early numbers like 'route 66'. Anyway I watched it and it was amazing. The late 60's is the decade the stones were shining most, they were incredible good looking rock stars playing great songs. The Stones had it all.