31 July 2010

'Rock Dreams' by Guy Peellaert

'Rock Dreams' is Guy Peellaert and British rock journalist Nik Cohn's collaboration of rock star's portrait. I like this Belgium born comic-strip artist did it for surreal and ironic way. These deep and colorful portraits draw you into this psychedelic rock'n roll world.

Frank Sinatra

Jimi Hendrix

The Rolling Stones

Bob Dylan

The Beatles

25 July 2010

Gerhard Richter - Firenze 2000

In 1999, German artist Gerhard Richter took three photographs of the banks of the Arno in Florence, Italy and oil painted on them. Overpainted photos is one of Richter's most important and recognizable styles. Combination of landscape and multicolored paint gives an optical illusion. It's abstract psychedelia!

23 July 2010

One Ride with Yankee Papa 13 By Larry Burrows

I love Larry Burrows photos. Especially ' Yankee Papa 13 ' the story about young lance corporal named James Farley. The photo was taken on March 31, 1965 and appeared in April issue of Life magazine. ' Yankee papa 13 ' was Farley's chopper.

Kosta Boda

My finds from 'War & Peace show', Part 2.

Kosta Boda 'Open Minds' vase.

30mm Ammunition

My finds from ' War & Peace Show'

30mm Ammunition. Yellow and red line combo.

War & Peace Show

I Went to military extravaganza ' War & Peace show '. It was beautiful day and I have burnt my shoulder....

Viet-Nam Souvenir Jacket

Snoopy 'SEX' zippo & Special Forces pin badge

Watching Air show

Red Arrows display team created heart with smoke.

18 July 2010

Henry Moore Textile

One of the greatest English artist, Henry Moore also designed textile. It would be nice to find a silk scarf with one of his beautiful print.
Reclining Figures 1944-46

Horse's Head and Boomerang 1944-45

Reclining Figure 1949

Three Seated Figures 1965

Model wearing a Matita summer suit in Piano, Cannes. 1948